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Let Us Upgrade Ya For Southern Decadence...

New Orleans biggest grrl party of the year is going even bigger with more bars, more performers, more big dance energy, and more reasons not to miss GrrlSpot's Southern Decadence event.

GrrlSpot's Southern Decadence event is attended by hundreds of women every year, and we've outgrown our previous venue. This year, we're taking over the Joy Theater on Canal Street.

Bonus: The Joy is now managed by the same beautiful minds that brought you the now legendary Buku Music Festival. Needless to say, they know lights and sound.

Why Fleurt! and the joy were made for each other...

Tech & Specs

  • A huge elevated stage so that everyone can see the show.

  • Faster Bar Service Than Last Few Years

  • Bathrooms !- more and better bathrooms.

  • The Joy is big enough for us - the last venue was cool but way, way, way too small.


  • The Joy is surrounded by reasonably priced parking garages and lots. They're everywhere. Seriously.

The French Quarter!..but not quite.

  • ​The Joy is located at the foot of Canal Street. You'll be close enough to see the Quarter, but you don't have to deal with all that craziness...unless you're into that. Get it how you live it, sis.

VIP Is Worth It At The Joy

  • VIP's have exclusive access to the second floor of the theater

  • VIPs have access to seats overlooking the dance floor and stage

  • VIPs have their own bar on the second floor

  • VIPs have their own bathrooms on the second floor

  • VIPs may have separate standing room only sections on the main floor.

Picture From VIP Level of The Joy
VIPs View Be Like...

Sounds Good, right?

Then get in there before ticket prices go up.

Find Tickets On EventBrite

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